My First* Winter Clothes

*first meaning real. I’ve never really been through a constantly cold winter before.

So last weekend I went Shopping.**

A few moms, a  local girl and I met up at a nearby bus stop and rode for a good hour to the Northern market. I wasn’t sure what to expect; I wasn’t even sure if the market we were heading to was the one I’d heard about† which at least is underground and therefore warmer.

But we were outside. Thankfully, I had anticipated the cold and wore three layers of leggings. It was immediately visually overwhelming.††

** It deserves a capital letter. You’ll soon see why.

† It wasn’t.

†† The market, not my leggings. Though the second layer of clothes did have rhinestones that shone through the top layer. I didn’t know this until I got home.



These held up from the first day, which required about 1 1/2 hours more walking than I had expected when we went out. No blisters, no cuts* – they were worth the equivalent of $23. And look how snazzy! Mora also gave me her approval when I brought them home, and as this six-year-old is much more fashionable than I am, I was quite happy to hear that.

One of “A”‘s favorite jewelry shops here may become my new favorite. Everything they have is gorgeous!** Almost everything is red agate (which is hinted at in their name). I don’t really have a shopping agenda for jewelry while I’m here, but for a week now I’ve been considering buying some red earrings to match my very red wardrobe. As we walked with our friends from America through a tourist area, we saw one of their stores and went in to look.

A fourth of the store was 50% off.†

Considering how many times I’ve already ‘ooh’-ed and ‘aah’-ed over their jewelry with “A,” it wasn’t hard to decide I’d be getting those red earrings at this store. I restrained myself with just earrings.

And look! They match the shawl I got, also for the winter months. Which matches my fall/winter coat, and various other articles of clothing.††

– – –

*And considering those zippers in back have no flap to keep them from rubbing against my ankles, that’s pretty amazing.

**And also super-expensive, which doesn’t always mean quality here, but in this case, they’re that nice. Which also means I won’t be buying much.

†How many of you would pass that up? Really. If not for yourself, you’d get gifts for those best friends who love jewelry, right?

††If you’re asking, “Fall? That season that’ll begin at the end of October?” Then I’m sorry; it has already turned to fall here. I wear my thinner jacket when I go out, but even then I’m usually shivering, especially if I’m driving my scooter. And I hear all those envious noises. Yes, it’s really nice. Be envious. =D