Banjo on Her Knee*

When the new year rolled around, I didn’t really think about how much travelling was in my future.

I regret that lack of foresight now†, but I have hopes that the dashing about will end in July, when I’ll have moved back to my team and friends on the opposite side of the world. I like to travel††, but I don’t like being unsettled. And while half of my wardrobe (and toothbrush, and contacts, and shampoo) live in one city, and the other half lives 90 miles away, I will continue to feel somewhat adrift. It gives me some compassion (and empathy) for those business men and women who travel all the time.^

At the same time, for the slight inconvenience of lots of travel, I get to see lots of my friends. And there really isn’t much I wouldn’t do (if it was within my means) to visit those I love and care for. So it’s worth it and I like the fact that my car is still dependable at over 276,000 miles.

However, I have gotten off topic. I was merely going to rave (and therefore thank) Jenna for taking me to a wonderful little‡ bookshop where I went a little book-crazy. Thankfully my luggage and my budget constrained my desire to double my library‡‡ though thoughts of those low prices could still make me drool a little.

Thanks for having me, Jenna! You win the award for the farthest I’ve traveled to visit someone this year.

~ ~ ~


*That was a bad attempt at hinting where I went over the weekend.**

**Sorry, Jenna.

†Mostly because I could have emotionally prepared for these months better than I have(n’t) done. Oh hindsight… you always get to teach me something.

††I may be addicted. But I’m not admitting it’s a problem yet.

^I couldn’t do it. Not for any amount of money. Living out of a suitcase year-in and year-out is apparently Not My Thing.

‡It wasn’t really little. At all.

‡‡Which at around 600 books would be quite the undertaking.


One thought on “Banjo on Her Knee*

  1. Yay! I love how home-like and peace-giving it is to just hang out with you. Whether we were just watching movies or out seeing the sights around town, it is just so good to spend time with you. So much love, my friend!

    P.s. besides awesome people like you, books are a girl’s best friend. Never can have too many.

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