Back to the Blog

I’ve returned! And with new pictures and experiences (fun and painful) to share.

Just fyi, I’m still in love with the street-baked sweet potatoes. Why don’t Americans live outside?* I now know that America was structured around the car, and not the bicycle, but man, have we been missing out. The teeming life on the streets of this city helps me to forget the smaller inconveniences of daily life. I love walking among these people, getting glimpses into what ‘normal’ is for them, and hearing the language all around me.

Some of you know that my scooter was stolen a few weeks back; though it was certainly not an enjoyable experience, I have enjoyed walking about the city to get around, and occasionally taking the bus when my  destination is further away. 

However, today I managed to smash my big toe into a passing curb as I was getting a ride from a friend to school. At first I was terrified I had broken it; the pain was excruciating.** But after arriving at school and finding that I could walk*** I decided I was probably okay. 

The pain had diminished, but not gone away, so I thought I should actually look at it. I know, inspired thought. So I looked. Swollen, and blood beneath the nail. According to a friend, I’ll lose the nail but otherwise be fine. 

Good thing I purchased a bus pass yesterday! Admittedly, it still requires walking to the bus stop, but I won’t have to walk twenty minutes to school with a bum toe. 

And I managed to get my winter clothes shopping done last weekend, so expect some fun pictures next post. Here’s a preview:


And yes, those are little ears on the hood.

* * *

* And any big city dweller can leave off their comments for now. 

** Mostly I was terrified about having to go to a hospital in this country; visions of huge and ungainly wrappings flashed before my mind’s eye.

*** Or rather, limp.


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