I’m sorry to say that this is the end of blogging for now. Every site I’ve tried (including this one, of course) is blocked here. Thanks to a friend I can at least let you know, now! I hope you have enjoyed the last few things I have to say; when I am able to use a site I will let you know by update.

I briefly tried metoyoutruly.tumblr.com if you’d like to see the few posts I have over there.

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.


Thanksgiving (early post)

The cheesecake I made early for Thanksgiving. It’s a little burnt on top. But for a first try.. pretty good!

Homemade caramel. It looks like gravy, I know. But it tastes pretty decent. For the roasted apples I’ll be making.

Cute stationary I found at a hole in the wall store. Maybe you will receive something fun. But not this paper. It’s for the kids. Sorry.