Finally, More Pictures Part 1

As promised a few posts ago, here are more pictures from my photographer friend. That’s right, these are not mine, though I had the pleasure of seeing it all and smelling it all.

Naan being made on the street.

Other than his plastic sandals and the rubber wheels, he could be from 300 years ago, right?*

There’s someone you know, eating yogurt with granulated sugar added in.**

The colors of life here. They really do wear clothes with this many bright and lively patterns and colors. Considering the land itself is brown, brown, brown, it makes a sort of sense. A feast for the eyes. And a fashion sense very different from the western ideal, but still beautiful to my eyes.

– – –

*He wasn’t the only reason I felt as though I’d been transported into a history book. But he’s a good example.

**It was amazingly good. We also had tortilla-like bread with lamb skewers. Plain but tasty meal.


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