Bread and Life

There’s a kind of bread you can get in this city that works for making pizzas. It’s delicious and simple, and we eat it all the time as a snack*. The mystery bread is naan! Flour, water, salt, a little onion and garlic, and you have something wonderful.

They (those who regularly eat naan) say bread is life. Which makes me consider the interesting juxtaposition that creates with the bread of life.

There are always true things to be found within mankind’s messes. He doesn’t leave us without clues pointing towards himself. The metaphor of bread is just one of many I’ve heard that speaks to something greater underneath. It’s just connecting their ideas and what those ideas are really talking about, and ‘hoping’ that they can see the bridge we’re trying to build.†

But anyways, I can already tell – I’m going to miss eating naan when I go back to the States. Just like I miss eating pasta once a week, or getting good dim sum when I’m up in Dallas. There are other things I miss, of course, but food seems to be a biggie.

I saw the university girls today, and tried to teach them swing dance in exchange for their trying to teach me their cultural dance. I’ll head over later tonight to the big gathering to try in front of hundreds of people.**

Not alone, thank goodness; that would be too much. But still, spectators. During my second time trying this thing.††

Occassionally I’ll see Tibetan monks around the city too, and the interesting thing I’ve learned about them is: they don’t make vows of poverty like Western monks used to (still do?) and their belief system says that if you help someone who is disabled or poor, you’re messing in their karmatic justice and you will be punished for interferring. Pretty sick thinking. So the monks, though they wear the traditional garb, are pretty well off – wearing designer/leather shoes, using the most recent cell phone models, and passing by the beggars. This upsets me perhaps more than it should, but it’s probably upsetting because in the Western world they’re highly regarded as giving up earthly concerns and being benevolent to the less fortunate.

In the end, they’re humans, too and that’s all the explanation I need for why it’s messed up, but still…

I also got a haircut. Picture to soon follow.


– – –

*At least we eat it as a snack when someone is in the area to pick it up.

**Joy. Their kind of dancing requires you to be really confident with your moves, and confident I am not when trying out a new skill.

†Speaking of metaphors.

††Was swing dance ever this challenging? I don’t remember.


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