The West, Part 2, More Pictures

The third city was quite beautiful, and we had the advantage of staying at a hotel close by the ‘old city.’ To give you an idea besides the photos, I felt as if I was walking into a National Geographic magazine. It was as dusty as the pictures looked. And also an amazing history lesson at your fingertips. I should have scooped up some of that dust to scatter into my notebooks, to have tangible proof that I have walked along paths that likely millions of people from centuries ago have walked.

I wish I had a blue door like this. Don’t you? Totally fashionable, and you would never get mistaken as a cookie-cutter house. That someone also painted the balcony a matching blue is just too cool. Can I live here? But I like rain (have I mentioned that yet?), so that’s probably out.

Just some neat architecture.

These people know how to do balconies. Can they be packed up and shipped? I’d also like a garden, if you could please fit that into the box too.

Is that my scooter? Well no, it’s not. I missed my scooter. My feet missed my scooter. However, I did get to walk around in some truly stylin’ footwear, which is not the norm for me. I’ll try to find a picture of me and my new sandals later. For new shoes, they were surprisingly durable and comfy.

And the juxtaposition continues. Old city, meet new city. They both look like rabbit warrens from this angle, to me*.

Cue cool bazaar photo:

– – –

*One whole post without footnotes. I just couldn’t let it be.


One thought on “The West, Part 2, More Pictures

  1. Thank you so much for showing a window into another world 🙂 I love your writing style and your little quirky footnotes add a nice touch. You are very down to earth and entertaining haha! I look forward to reading more! Chat with you later friend!

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