Win! And also Fail.

Skirt? Done.*

Along with some spiffy sunglasses (which I’ve been dilly-dallying about purchasing), and a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes.** Altogther, about $14 USD. Not bad… if you don’t count the skirt as a loss.


Ran by the grocery for some goodies.†

Went home. This is my room.††

This is my closet. For those who are curious. Is that Hamlet hiding up there? Is that a box of Pocky in the corner? Do I only wear half the clothes shown? ‘Yes’ to all three.

Wish I was eating this tonight. Having ramen instead. Cooked the last of my fresh veggies last night in preparation for leaving… didn’t quite time things that well.

So… enough pictures for you? Yes? No? You let me know.

– – –

*But unfortunately, see-through. The trials of buying at a place where you can’t try it on… until you get home. No convenient return policy in this country, either.

**We’re going to the desert… lots of sun.

†Not these particular snacks this time, but hey, Daddio, do you have these?

††Where magical language skills get absorbed into my brain. No, really.


2 thoughts on “Win! And also Fail.

  1. Deedee, I do have the Banana Cream and the Milk Pocky. I’m not sure about the Strawberry Cream (ice cream flavor), it may be the same as the Strawberry Cream we can get here. The ice cream flavor splash on the front may be a translation or marketing ploy. – Daddio

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