Heading Westward

We leave in two days, bright and early. Though I’ve known about our trip for a couple of months, now that it’s close, I’m wondering where the time has gone. With my days shortened by commitments, I have little time (and little scooter power, incidentally) to get my few errands accomplished. Like buying a long skirt. That shouldn’t be hard, right? Especially when there are clothes stores right outside the entrance to my complex.

But if I want a cheap skirt, that’s a little harder. Why has this city become one of the shopping destinations for this country? I see more Prada, Gucci, Luis Vitton, Versarce, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Co* in this city than I ever did in Austin or Dallas combined.

Um, in case you didn’t know, those labels are not on my Christmas wish list. And in no way do they equal a “cheap” skirt.

Someone gave me a scarf a week before I would need it. I love useful gifts.**

I want this to be the lightest I’ve ever packed for a trip. Three changes of clothes, max. I don’t aspire to be a backpacker, but since it’s culturally o.k. to re-wear clothes several days in a row, I will take advantage and blend!†

The other thing to look forward to (other than packing a lot of disposable diapers for the baby, who has been needing about 6 per day), is the sleeper trains! We just don’t have these in Texas. Or many in the US, at all. I sort of wish they’d make a comeback; I imagine training would be much cheaper than flying†† and a larger percentage of the customers can lay down and sleep! Planes might be faster, but I don’t mind taking my time travelling, as long as I have some room to stretch.‡

What do you think? Someone want to buy up a lot of old trains and start a new/old business? No? Your loss.

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– – –

*You get the idea

**And it’s pretty!! Pretty and soft!

†Maybe not blend. I’m pretty American once you try to engage me in conversation.

††Feel free to correct me on this.

‡Reading time, oooh. Writing time, aaah. Sleeeeep. 😀


One thought on “Heading Westward

  1. Definitly agree with you on the trains. That would be awesome! I wish we had more public transportaion in the US, not just trains but buses, subways, lightning rails, etc. Hmm, I have no money to invest now, so I’ll have to get back to you on your train buisness 🙂

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