Hello world! (Or my small bit of it)

So… after trying to foist off suggestions of doing a blog during my ‘year’ abroad, I’ve succumbed! The writing bug (and the desire to make my updates pages long, rather than the condensed version of half a page of text and as many pictures as I can fit) has struck! Or struck again, since writing isn’t really new to me, per se.

As with any writing endeavor, there are bound to be boring bits, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Feel free to point out the later two; I will hopefully improve on that first point, without too many suggestions of “More adventure! More excitement! Less you!”

Also, I will rarely touch on the other side of my being here, for obvious reasons. Being a student and living abroad (and with a family! – new experiences yay!!) is more than enough to chat about. No promises on how regular updates will be either, sorry; when the students return in two weeks, I have no idea what my life will look like.

Thanks for taking a look in, and hope you are encouraged/amused/distracted for a few minutes by my experiences abroad when you come by.


p.s. (ask my father – the human one – if the nickname doesn’t make sense to you)


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